View Full Version : Cant open daemon tools cant repair nor uninstall!!!

17.12.2004, 18:13
Operating System: Windows XP Pro ver. 5.1 (Build 2600.xpsp2_gdr.040517-1325 : Service Pack 1)
Burning Software: Newest nero
Anti-virus Software: Kaspersky
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

When i try to open Daemon Tools i got this error:

C:\WINDOWS\daemon.dll error!

When i try to reinstall or uninstall with the installer i downloaded from the page i got this error:

Device setup error: code 25040 (0x61D0), 2 (0x2) . Contact your support personnel.

And the uninstaller in d-tools folder has been corrupted for some reason and it opens only a dos cmd..

What can i do? Before i uninstall it manually.. :evil:

17.12.2004, 18:29
First check if daemon.dll was renamed to daemon.bak (this is known issue with Knights of Honor - update to patch 1.03 if you use it!).

17.12.2004, 18:44
Nope.. i dont have any file called daemon in windir..

Im getting tired of this..