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17.12.2004, 18:35
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Home
Burning Software: My friend burned this for me since I do not have a CD burner...
Anti-virus Software: Norton Internet Security & Anti-Virus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I mounted my image of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, it installs perfectly fine, in fact I even played it a few times before no problem. I have the no-CD patch installed, and I got it to work even yesterday, but what usually happens is when I mount it the AutoRun uses 99% of CPU Resources and the AutoRun screen doesnt even appear. I end the task. I try to launch the game from the icon and it goes to the dark screen wqhich is normal along with the game cursor, but then goes right bac kto the desktop (doesnt freeze the system though. I haven't done anything different. Even yesterday i had this same problem then suddenly it worked for 3 times in a row and i had not installed anything or uninstalled anything. I uninstalled the game a minute ago and reinstalled and it doesnt work, what could this be ? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.. :)


18.12.2004, 11:37
Please buy the original first, this is not a warez forum!

18.12.2004, 17:35
I do have the original game, I just cannot get it to always work when its an image-file on my hard-drive. Why are you talking about "Worezzz" though ?