View Full Version : Riddick does not seem to run

19.12.2004, 18:04
I made an image with the latest alcohol suing the securerom 5 settings and it does not work. Whats really strange is daemon tools then wont allow me to unmount the image until i reboot.

19.12.2004, 22:17
For SecuRom 4/5 i would use BW 4 or BW 5.

For SafeDisc is Alcohol the better way (eg. SafeDisc Protected DVD's + Emulation)

20.12.2004, 16:38
If it's SecuRom on DVD (which i can just suspect right now) then use Blindwrite 5. And the Image is probably locked because the game or related process were not terminated normally - check with taskmanager.

21.12.2004, 15:11
Try the same trick as in the "Half-Life 2 " thread.
Same protection, same solution :
Make image with Blindwrite 5 (latest version)
Modify the registry as show in the HL2 thread and it should work.