View Full Version : move data process error #117

15.01.2003, 14:06
The bug/problem (obviously)
>I lost the original cd and the iso file I had backup wont work.
>during install it stops with error message
>" an error occurred during the move data process :-117
Component : Program files
File group :
file :
Operating System and any major updates (service packs, etc...)
>OS + wXP ; no major updates
Version of Daemon-Tools
> 3.26
ALL burning software or other cd emulation software
>clone cd ; nero 5
Have you or are you running easy cd creator?
>no sir

> thanks for answering

15.01.2003, 14:20
I lost the original cd
This is not a bug in Daemon Tools - itґs your bad luck!
Your image is damaged - it is as simple as that!
You will NOT get further support here, as this is not Daemon Tools fault! Thread locked!