View Full Version : Safedisc 3.2 and Myst 4.

28.12.2004, 02:16
I have a good 1:1 copy create by Alcohol120, also onother one from Blindwrite, but when I run Myst4 with safdisc emulation on it still abends with the message :

myst4.exe has encountered a problem and neesd to close. We are sorry for the inconvinience. the usual message on gets for microsoft abend.

Anyone can help ?

28.12.2004, 19:38
Same message with original disk, or not so?

28.12.2004, 19:55
Seems your 1:1 copy is not good enough - looks like weak sector reading problem, thus decryption failure -> crash. Try to play from mounted image.

28.12.2004, 22:42
I actually was playing the ISO copy from a mounted drive and get the same problem. The original DVD works fine.

29.12.2004, 09:22
Try to re-create the image from original DVD with e.g. Alcohol in mds/mdf format.

30.12.2004, 02:58
Yep I tried that too, but even the mdf, mds copies come up with the same problem. Has anyone successfully played a game that is Safedisc 3.2 protected ?

By the way the way the Australian version of Myst4 is on DVD.

31.12.2004, 10:26
have you tried to build the image from another DVD drive ? maybe your actual drive is not "good" enough