View Full Version : How could this be?

31.12.2004, 23:54
Operating System: win2k
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: mcafee
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

I know my dvd burner pioneer dvr-105 cannot backup safdisc 2 (HALO) but when I mount my diskdump image, I do not need to enable daemons safdisc emu ?? should I try to burn the game back to a CD and see if it still works?

01.01.2005, 09:17
The problem is writing, not reading - thus image works fine, backup won't. :idea:

01.01.2005, 18:39
Oh, ok, Thanks. so when I burn the image to CD then I need to enable the EMU when playing. I'll try it.

01.01.2005, 19:30
Nope, doesn't work. Halo doesn't give the Please insert CD message but instead it crashes after about two minutes of trying to load on the splash screen. I guess the best thing to do it to copy all my game images to a DVD, mount them and play that way.

04.01.2005, 13:14
Can the HALO emulation safdisc be fixed?

04.01.2005, 13:19
You need to create the image with Daemon Tools fast dump feature in order to get SD2 emulation to work, otherwise Daemon Tools won't know which weak sectors to emulate.