View Full Version : daemon tools upgrade and Rome total war

01.01.2005, 08:11
Operating System: win xp home
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: norton
DAEMON Tools Version: 346 and 347

hello, i am having problems with one game, Rome Total War

I have a few games that i play all the time and they work fine with daemon 346, well when i tried to install Rome Total war, and play from the disk it said emulation program found please disable first then restart game or something like that. well i didnt even have daemon tools loaded at the time and i could never get it to work. so i tried to remove deamon tools and i still got the same messag. this only happened in Rome, all the other games worked fine, even medival total war.

i then tried to install the new daemon tools, but it didnt work either it said i could not upgrade old version, so i tried to install the old version also and got the same message.

so now i have no daemon tools, and cant play any games, not even ones from a disk.

any help would be nice... thanks in advance

ps my 2 friends are not having this problem and they both use the same software, one is having problems with is graphics though, the campaign map is black and dark and he cant seem to fix it

thanks alot

01.01.2005, 09:14
Disable CloneCD's Hide CD-R media function and tray.

01.01.2005, 09:34
Im not using clondCD its Nero 5

thank you

01.01.2005, 10:12
Then it's some other soft causing the problem, SafeDisc3 has no problem with Daemon Tools virtual drive.