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02.01.2005, 18:09
DT offers the possibility to rename its drivers. So I do not understand why blacklisting is still a problem.
Can anybody explain to me how copyprotections can still find out, that there are virtual drives and emulation running?


03.01.2005, 08:37
If it was that simple, DT developpers would have already fixed it.. I think that we do only see the visible part of the DT iceberg :lol:

03.01.2005, 20:04
Blacklisting actually is the main problem.
Even if you have the best software availble out there for creating images and DT installed - all this is useless if DT is blacklisted in every new version of copy protections. Even worse: the blacklist gets an update with every new game patch.

@ all DT developers: all we need is a 'stealth mode' option in DT. So rack your brains :wink:

03.01.2005, 21:13
You're a real comedian.

03.01.2005, 21:44
@nzc: read noib's posting carefully again, especially the:

I think that we do only see the visible part of the DT iceberg

part. Do you really think protection-manufacturers are stupid? Of course
they have their methods to find "us" ;) as we have methods to "hide"..

And the lack of actually updates atm is simple because we're working hard
on completely new version, read in the News/Announcements-section about

25.03.2005, 13:18
Maybe its about time someone developed a USB or PCI dongle to intercept software doing -unwanted- things. Consoles have "chips" to bypass copy protection, whats stopping people doing the same for PC's ?

25.03.2005, 16:31
Such dongle would be completely useless since you don't need such hardware on PCs. You can do everything you described with software alone as long as you have at least the same level of privileges as the software. The problem is that cracking software, no matter how trivial, is illegal in most countries, double so in the USA and EUCD countries. Also, console mod chips are also illegal in most first world countries and PC mod chips would be too.

It's easy to prevent software from doing any "unwanted" things like installing copy protection drivers like Starforce in NT-based systems, just run the installer and the game as a regular user or on a even more restricted account. The game won't work or possibly even install then but that's not the PC's problem - on small print you can often see "requires Administrator privileges to install/play" for this very reason: installing copy protection drivers.

07.08.2005, 01:48
It's likely that StarFuck can prevent Secrom from detecting virtual drives .