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17.01.2003, 09:39

I just installed Aquanox 2 Revelation, patched it to version 2.13 BETA (german) and tried reading the copy protection (which in the original release was in the AN2R.dat). The AN2.dat is still the only file bigger than 380kb, but securomID v2 cannot find out the copy protection anymore, I think is has been encrypted as in Gothic 2. Can anyone confirm this, post the copy protection version or even how to find it out?


22.01.2003, 02:41
AN2.dat: SecuROM v 4.84.00

securom version was encrypted using a simple method.
encrypted version id is near offset 0x402978 in AN2.dat

binkw32.dll from the update also contains something special.

22.01.2003, 15:01
What exact version number (format SecuROM v.4.84.??.????) has been used?

And what is "something special" you claimed would be in the binkw32.dll?


22.01.2003, 17:48
i already stated, "4.84.00"
the numbers after are irrelevant to what securom actually does.
if you look at the hex bytes of a version number, say 4.84.00
0x34 0x2e 0x38 0x34 0x2e 0x30 0x30 00 <whatever is after>

the version number string ends after the null byte. i.e: the 8th byte.
whatever u fetch after is not part of it.

Most Hex editors show characters such as null with a dot, which is where the confusion is from

i assume u were using a tool which incorrectly reported version.

binkw32 is compressed with jowood's dll packer. if you were wondering why when u tamper with the original game file, the game won't start.. look into that dll.

22.01.2003, 19:45
AFAIK it can well be important which version number stands behind the 4.84.00 - a newer version could contain an updated blacklist. And there are several different versions of a 4.8X.YZ.????.

Apart from that, I'm running the list of copy protected games in this forum, and I'm trying to keep it homogenous, so I asked for the specifical version number. I'm always posting the version number in this format (v4.8x.xx.xxxx). So I'd be really thankful if you could post the whole version number.

btw, I didn't find the version number - I loaded AN2.dat into UltraEdit and searched for the string, but got no result...


22.01.2003, 20:44
I can certify you this doesn't affect the code of the protection at all,
There is no doubt that there were updated from 4.83.55 to 4.84.00 (or 4.84.20 too) the other number is another story...
but since you insist so much..

4.84.00 0112

It seems like securom won't include the end of file stub in the near future.. (as it is somwhere else, encrypted) so these little securom version id tools are gonna have to be updated.
the reason you can't find any relevant strings is because they were encrypted.

22.01.2003, 21:44
Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your effort.