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06.01.2005, 03:06
While the program is installing, i receive the following message:

Device setup error: code 25009 (0x61B1), -536870389 (0xE 000020B). Contact your support personel

please help me :)

thanks in advance

06.01.2005, 13:30
Operating System: windows xp
Burning Software: nothing
Anti-virus Software: Bitdefender
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

Yee same here, i got the following message: "Device srtup error: code 25030 (0x6106), 1072 (0x430) . Contact your support personnel."

I had deamon tools before and it worked fine, but today i couldnt mount a img file correctly because the "power dvd" couldnt find a movie to play. So i uninstalled it and now i got the following messages when im trying to install deamon!

Can someone tell me whats going on because i really loved deamon tools because it was easy to handle with!

I dont know if this will help but one day i set the dvd device to number.1 so it started before windows started, could that be the problem?

Plz help me!

06.01.2005, 13:36
Check registry permissions for Daemon Tools entries.

25009 = 25030!?
Reboot before re-installation.

06.01.2005, 13:55
Check registry permissions for Daemon Tools entries.

25009 = 25030!?
Reboot before re-installation.

Thanks m8 for the fast answear! But how do i reboot, i know i have to go to mty bios and then?

06.01.2005, 14:04
Thanks m8 ,agagin, it works now! Thanks!

07.01.2005, 04:10
Check registry permissions for Daemon Tools entries.

how do i check registry permissions?

07.01.2005, 10:15
With regedit or regedt32 - depends on your OS.

07.01.2005, 23:24
ok thanks. mine is winxp, and its regedit.

but what do i do in there?

please give me the instructions in order for me to fix it

thanks :)

08.01.2005, 13:14
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I had this problem also and here is what I did to fix it.

***Any time you mess with regedit you have the chance to mess up your computer***This fix should be simple and safe enough for a novice to perform but just be careful***

Enter regedit and navigate to this location

There should be multiple folders (0000, 0001 ... ...) find the folder that has PnP Bios Extension listed under the data column (for me it was 0003)

Right click the folder and click Permissions

Check Allow on all boxes except for Special Permission Control

Click Advanced

Any Entries listed in advanced should say Full Control under the Permissions column if they dont click the entry and click edit then check Full Control

Now just to be on the safe side repeat the same process on any folder that that contains Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator

The problem should be solved.

17.01.2005, 00:37
Operating System: Win Xp PRO
Burning Software: Alcohol CCD
Anti-virus Software: McAfee
DAEMON Tools Version: 347 not yet

Tanx to all who deserve it.
YichiYichi SAID:
My Daemon 3.46 worked perfectly, but when I tried to upgrade it to 3.47, code 25009 comes up at the end of the Installation and everything is deleted automaticly.After rebooting my PC I cant find anything about Daemon in the Device Manager.Tried reinstall, the same thing happend. Then I noticed that Alcihol's virtual drive is dead . and it cant be reinstalled as well. The only thing can be successfully intalled now is Daemon 2.60, but it does not work, I get a daemon.dll error. I rebooted the PC for many times, but I am getting this 25009 permanently.

Same hapened to me. Tried permisions on registry, didnÒ‘t work.
Could please anyone help me fix. TNX in advance.