View Full Version : problem loading after install

10.01.2005, 08:18
Operating System: winXP
Burning Software: none installed
Anti-virus Software: AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Hi everyone

i have just recently done a format and updated windows including SP2 also running AVG inti virus (free version) my problem is that after i installed in and rebooted my computer when i try to open ddaemon tools nothing happends :( i double click the shortcut the installation makes and like i said nothing at all happends

does anyone know of a fix or if there is something i have missed on the installation or is it a conflicting program?

thank you in advance for all your help

EDIT: just noticed i have an extra drive but after i right click on it i cant mount anything to it

10.01.2005, 18:40
my first suggestion is to use the Daemon-Tools Manual,
you can read it when you right-click on the daemon tray-icon
(next to the clock, a red flashicon) and then chose help-->manual

Read about how to use Daemon Tools, in case of questions not covered
by manual, come back and try to find answer in our forum
(use SEARCH before you ask already answered questions, please!)

10.01.2005, 19:20
i did search also as i said nothing happends i dont get a icon in the tray to right click on :p