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10.01.2005, 18:50
I have a tools that can create backup CD's from my machines. (Acronis True Image) But it shows theese options only when a CD Writer is present. Now I am looking for a 'writer emulator' to create ISO-images that I can burn on the machine where the real cd-writer is installed.

Any hints?


10.01.2005, 20:58
No need of DAEMON TOOLS :

See here : http://www.acronis.com/enterprise/products/ATISWin/faq.html#20

There is also a two-step method for writing to DVDs. Acronis True Image 8.0 Server for Windows can create an image of the hard disk as a single file on the hard disk itself, and then you can copy the file using your own DVD-writing software to the DVD. We recommend you to set the image archive splitting size to 2 GBytes on the Image Archive Splitting screen, as generally the maximum size of a file stored on DVD is 2 GBytes. The Acronis rescue disk will also be able to restore this file from the DVD if necessary.

11.01.2005, 08:27
Yes you are right. But I spoke about the rescue media. This is a bootable cd with all the needed files to recreate the machine in case of desaster recovery. And this rescue media can only be created if a cd writer is physically installed.


07.02.2005, 04:45
Try WinImage. It can create iso images.

09.02.2005, 23:54
Why not just Ghost the image of your current setup and burn the ghosted image onto DVD?

To recover, just run ghost and recover the image from the DVD to hard disk again.

Works for me!!!