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10.01.2005, 23:32
HI.Do I have a problem with Armie of Exigo I have burn the images with Alcohol 120%. Everything ok up to the presentation then during to play it jams me and turnoff the PC.Can help me please????

11.01.2005, 18:14
Which copy protection???? :mrgreen:

11.01.2005, 19:36
safedisc 3.2 why????On this site its wright

09.02.2005, 01:23
My problem is slightly different from that of the original poster. But the name for his topic is dead on and he has had no replies yet so i'm posting this here.

My System:
Windows Xp Pro 5.1 Service pack 2 build 2600
AMD Athlon 1500+
2 Gigs pc2100 266ddr ram
200gig 7200rpm HD um seagate?
ATi 9800 256meg
Via vt8235motherboard
hpcdwriter 9500 series
samsung 52x

Stuff i use:
daemon tools 3.47
Alchohol 120% version 1.9.2 build 1705 trial version

I bought retail version of have Armies of Exigo. I have original cd's bought and owned. My Cd rom drive is D:. When i install the game and have CD1 in my d: drive everything is fine. But i want to run the game from a backup image. So heres my scenario:

Armies of Exigo is not installed.

I have armies of exigo CD 1 and 2 images made. Images are on my hardrive, not on CD's. I go to right click Virtual Daemon manager -> Virtual Cd/dvd-rom -> mount image -> Device 0: [G:] C:\blabla\ RLD-AOEA.cue (cd 1)

The image boots the original game menu screen fine just like the real disc.

I select the install option, it installs fine. So far so good. Armies of Exigo is now installed.

I try to play the game. Mount cd 1 again, once mounted it starts up and runs ike the Original disc is in the drive but pops up the message "Please insert the correct CD-ROM press ok, and restart the application"

I use the program Safedisc/securerom Checker [Yates] and it tells me the game has Safedisc - 3.20.20 copy protection. I read somewhere in this forumn that running the game from the image should not require enabling copy protection emulation.

Nonetheless i tried enabling emulation on: Safedisc and it still gave me the "Please insert the correct CD-ROM press ok, and restart the application" message. For good measure i also tried enabling emulation on securerom, laslerlock and RMPS and none of these helped either.

So my Scenario question boils down to how do i run the game from the image, and overcome the Safedisc - 3.20.20 message: "Please insert the correct CD-ROM press ok, and restart the application"

Asside from that i now have a second issue.

Before i installed Daemonn tools 3.47 and Alchohol 120% version 1.9.2 build 1705 trial version i only had the following drives: C: (main parition on my 200gig drive) F: (my smaller partition) D: (my cdrom) and E: (my HP cd burner)

All of these drives worked.

After i installed Daemon tools 3.47 and Alchohol 120% version 1.9.2 build 1705 trial version i gained the following drives: G: and H:

I would have no problem for this except now my D: drive won't read any cds! Not just Armies of Exigo but it won't read Doom3, any of my other games, or any audio CD's either. How do i fix this? Preferably without having to uninstall Daemon tools or Alchohol 120.

It creates a rock and a hard place for me because i can't run the image of the game i created and i can't install the real thing from my D: drive and play with the disc in it cause the D: drive no longer works!

HELP! And thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer

10.02.2005, 02:31

Any help would be appreciated. If this issue has already been covered eslewhere in the forums feel free to toss me a link. Thanks.