View Full Version : Diablo2 trouble

12.11.2002, 16:08
Diablo 2 works perfectly with Daemon tools, but when I install Diablo2: LOD expansion, it doesn't work anymore :?: . Can anyone explain it to me?

12.11.2002, 17:17

as far as i know, you have to insert the LOD cd to play the game after you installed LOD. Did you do that, or do you still insert the Diablo2 CD?

If you have the LOD CD in virtual drive and it still does not work, can you see the contents of the cd in explorer?


12.11.2002, 20:41
No idea what you talk about about, my friend (Diablo2 fan) is playing Diablo2 LOD from Daemon virtual drive more than a year (since it was released).;) Just make image of your LOD disc with SUBS and here you go. If you do it without SUBS then turn Securom emulation on.

18.11.2002, 19:41
Ok, I just had a bad backup, now works just fine...

28.12.2002, 01:11
If you have upgraded to LOD, then just make an image and mount of the LOD disk and mount it, that is now your play disk. I have done this so I know it works, try the newest version of CDCLONE to do this