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17.01.2003, 17:48
Well, that's great we have a prog - DAEMON tools, and I want to say thanks to all its authors... but when will it be possible to emulate StarForce copyprotected CDs? StarForce is not a new protection, but I can not findout how can I emulate such disks...

17.01.2003, 17:59
Go to the Alcohol Support Forum (http://forum.alcohol-software.com/index.php) and look in the FAQ section for "Copying protected games HOWTO", there's a section that covers StarForce 1.x/2.x. StarForce 3.x is not supported yet.


17.01.2003, 21:07
I'v just tried the last version of D-Tools & i succeeded :D :D :D
I do not know about the version of StarForce, but i made cd image with BlindWriteSuite, created *.bwa file, and mounted the image... that was superb! Then i erased BWA and the copy failed to start :(
But all i had to do is to switch Emulation -> RMPS on!!! The image ran fine again without any bwa files. I suggest with RMPS emulation on we can run programs from burned CDs :D :D :D

T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U, DAEMON Tools team!!!

18.01.2003, 05:40
After you mounted BWA file is stays in driver memory - erasing it has no effect (until you unmount). . So the raeason why it did not run is rather inaccurate BWA file. RMPS has never any effect on mounted image. I strongly suggest you make image with Alcohol and make DPM at as low speed as possible.

18.01.2003, 12:44
Can anyone tell me which games/programs use starforce? I don't know many games