View Full Version : Game works but the screen is...

13.01.2005, 13:47
Operating System: Win XP Home ed.
Burning Software: Blindwrite
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: Latest

Hey folks, I'm new here.
I used Blindwrite to 'rip' Rainbow six 3 Raven sheild and I mounted it on the drive and it the game works but when you play it the screen is way too bright (it has nothing to do with the setting on the game) and there's some streaks flashing, kinda like when you get a poor channel on tv. The menus in the game looks fine but once you get to playing it, this happens. Any ideas?

13.01.2005, 14:28
How's this Daemon Tools related?

13.01.2005, 22:57
I thought maybe I have mounted it the wrong way or done something wrong or used some weird setting when using Blindwrite (some people on here seem knowledgable about that too)?

13.01.2005, 22:58
So you don't have these issues while using the original cd?

14.01.2005, 03:57
No, I don't have any problems with the original, just when it's mounted.