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03.01.2017, 12:52
Hi. I've purchased Daemon Tools and the iSCSI initiator, as well as the iSCSI host app for Windows. I only bought the host app as an "in-case" as I didn't plan to use it.

So I have two Western Digital NAS devices, running Win 2008 Storage Server R2, and bundled with StarWind iSCSI initiator. I've created a 5.5TB iSCSI target on each, and have no trouble connecting. I have a direct cable from the OS/X host to each NAS (crossover cable) and a private LAN subnet on each. (Mac Mini Server, with thunderbolt Dual 10GbE NIC). The third NIC on OS/X is used for LAN/Internet connectivity.

I am constantly plagued with disconnects at random times, for no apparent reason. I'm able to go into the Daemon Tools app and manually reconnect when this happens, but this is a pain to say the least. I don't think the disconnect is DT's fault, but I just want to have a way to script a status check/reconnect.

As a diagnostic measure, I tried deleting the Starwind iSCSI target, and installed the DT windows iSCSI host app. It installed fine, but would not allow me to create a target larger than 2 TB. I went so far as to download the tool called "vhdtool" so I could quickly create a 5.5TB VHD image (without waiting hours) and the DT iSCSI host accepted the VHD image, but when attempting to connect from DT on OS/X, I receive an "insufficient resources" error message. I attached the same VHD image to StarWind and then DT was able to connect to it on OS/X. This whole paragraph was just a sidetrack as I thought maybe Daemon Tools would be more stable having been connected to its' own iSCSI host software.

The real issue I hope to get addressed is having a way to script the reconnect. Sorry for the longwindedness and hopefully noone posts a lmgtfy link.

Running the latest version of Daemon Tools, and OS/X 10.12 with 16GB of RAM. Dedicated "server" machine, stays running for months at a time.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

04.01.2017, 14:29

Please contact to support team using support-eml@disc-soft.com email. Surely we need Wireshark or trace logs in case the problem related to DAEMON Target software.