View Full Version : Mount option not avail and Game not working

15.01.2005, 00:09
Operating System: winxp
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: mcafee
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

Hello, when I right click on an image file I used to be able to select mout from my Explorer menu but not since I re-installed windows and just installed Daemon. How do I add mount back to my list of options? Also, any one here working on getting The Chronicles of Riddick working with your program? Mounted image still tells me, please incert disc. The Game is not in your game Database. please work on this one.

15.01.2005, 08:39
Right-click mounting is available as add-on - install awxDTools or FastMount (available in our download section).

15.01.2005, 08:47
...and btw Game is in our database, too, and it's there since Riddick is

15.01.2005, 08:50
Indeed it is -> letter T due to The Chronicles of Riddick :lol:

15.01.2005, 12:50
Ok, thanks. Do I need to install the full version of the game for it to work? Because I installed it but omitting the video and it does not want to work. I'll try installing the full package and see what happens.