View Full Version : Allcohol 120 or Daemon?

16.01.2005, 10:38
What is the difference between Daemon tools and Alcohol 120%. I already installed ALC120 and in the process if ripping this dvd, it is used as a refference. Is it better, or what?

I don't think it should matter, anyone know if one program is better?

16.01.2005, 18:32
DAEMON TOOLS doesn't now any "ripping" process.

On the over hand, DAEMON TOOLS and ALCOHOL 120 % virtual cd/dvd reader are at the same level of design, ALCOHOL 120 % which is not free allows more cd/dvd virtual readers .


19.01.2005, 16:14
...therefore the latter receives no updates as well :-).
But I'm pretty sure it will rise from it's online grave in the not-so-near future and walk around - which will definitely disturb the other graveyard inhabitants (um.. like ccd)...