View Full Version : Problem with right-click in My Computer after uninstall

16.01.2005, 16:43
Operating System: Windows XP SP2
Burning Software: Nero Express
Anti-virus Software: AVG Free 7.0.300
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I installed DAEMON Tools, used for about a day, decided it wasn't something I needed at this time, so uninstalled to wait for upcoming version. When installed, Daemon created virtual drive as E:, pushing back the 4 drives assigned to my digital media reader, originally assigned drives E:-H:, so now F:-I:. I had Nero Imagedrive installed, which when enabled used drive I:, I had disabled it before installing Daemon, and I don't believe I ever enabled it while Daemon was running.

When I uninstalled, the media reader drives stayed the same letters as after I had installed Daemon. I opened a "My Computer" window, and right-clicked on one of the drives to check Properties. XP gave me the hourglass, "waiting" icon. At this time I just waited, and it took well over a minute before the context menu came up. Right-clicking on my unchanged C: and D: drives had the same delay, left-clicking on an icon and then the File menu did the same thing as well.

So, nothing seems to crash, and there doesn't seem to be any delay when right-clicking or accessing the File menu elsewhere, such as on the Desktop or on any file or folder, but the wait is unbearable.

I tried re-installing and re-uninstalling Daemon, but after uninstall I again had the long delay. I changed the drive letters back to the originals using the instructions here on this site, problem still there. I changed to have the reader software not start at boot, still had the delay. I uninstalled and reinstalled the digital media reader software and Imagedrive, still had delay both when uninstalled and after reinstalled.

TIA for any help!