View Full Version : multiple movies question

16.01.2005, 18:31
ok here it goes just wondering is their a program that can burn multiple movies on one dvd? i have a bunch of iso images that i want to put on dvd but i would like two to three movies on each disc. so this requires a program that gives you a menu to choose which movie you want to play. is their anything like that out, along with instructions on how to do it?

29.01.2005, 11:33
non normally used cd-format will match the requirements of a dvd, so you have to reencode your images. what format did you use?

29.01.2005, 18:21
well actually i get movies that are burnt on dvd camcorders. and i was wondering if i can combine two movies together after i make it into an iso image.

29.01.2005, 20:38
try tmpgenc dvd author. you can get a trial version at www.pegasys-inc.com.

09.02.2005, 23:49
Rip and convert them to AVI first. CladDVD to rip the movie and/or dvd2avi to convert them. I prefer to use CladDVD first as it allows me to identify and rip just the movie files. As long as you have the registered version of DivX 5 that allows encoding, you won't lose any visible quality.

Onve you have the AVI versions, there are a lot of re-authoring packages available. I prefer NeroVision Express. That's how I do it for many trilogies and I have Blade 1&2, Terminator 1 to 3 and The Matrix 1 to 3 on single DVD's.