View Full Version : problems with the command line switches

17.01.2005, 14:12
Operating System: Windows XP pro SP2
Burning Software: Nero 6.6
Anti-virus Software: Avast pro
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.43

Hello everyone,

have actual and also for the first time a prob with the d-tools.
I installed "some (62) games and tired from manual changing the image file. If i try to use the command line switch nothing happens......
Still the question for the crappy CD????%#$%$#@#$%^
I used the following syntax: (-mount 0, "d:\images\nfs2cd2").
No effect at all.

Thx for help.


18.01.2005, 13:35
I used the following syntax:
(-mount 0, "d:\images\nfs2cd2").Lose that space after the comma.

19.01.2005, 05:04
Latest DT version allows space here anyway, but image must have extension.