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18.01.2005, 00:54
Hello. I would appreciate your help please.
I get the following error message: No Lock Found! and therefore cant run the program from the virtual CD drive.

Background info:
The program will only run with the CD in the CD drive which uses more battery on my laptop as it reads data from the CD. It will ask Please insert CD If there is no CD inserted in the CD drive even with all the CD data copied on to the C drive.
What Ive done so far: Ive made an ISO copy of the Cd on the C drive and with Daemon created a virtual CD drive on the C drive and have mounted the copy on this drive. I no longer get the message Please insert CD BUT it now says No Lock Found! BRICK WALL.

What can I do?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Please note that Im an accountant :shock: and not a computer guru.

18.01.2005, 14:13
What's the name of the game? Which program/protection? (For checking: A-Ray scanner (http://www.aray-software.com)).

19.01.2005, 10:53
Thanks for the reply.

It's not a game. It's a program that has built-in music in mono.

I've run the disk protection and here is the result:

[21:19:30 PM] --- File(s) Scan Finished [4.91s] ---
[21:19:44 PM] No Protection detected -> D:\JAVIDAN [4BC38B1F]

there appears to be no protection!


I used CDBurnerXP Pro 3 to burn the image of the CD, could that be problem?

19.01.2005, 17:12
The Aray scanner is really creepy, I wound't recommend it to anybody. Look in the 'protection' forum, they're always discussing the same over and over. You find your answer surely there - no matter which thread you search :-).

24.01.2005, 02:24
Thanks guys. Problem solved.
Had to use a compatible burner to create an image of the disk.