View Full Version : How about clothes/memorabilia ?

19.01.2005, 10:58
Hows a shirt with the daemon tools logo, etc stuff, prizes, whatever for those who do stuff for the site, or as random prizes, etc ? Maybe you could buy shirts or stuff from the company?? it could help support daemon tools, and further the funding for support of making daemon tools even better (tho its good already...)

Just an idea - i wouldnt mind a shirt.


19.01.2005, 14:34
we already thought about that, let's see if there's indeed interest in
something looking evil

12.10.2005, 10:53
What happened to the clothes idea?

I think a nice black polo shirt (not an ordinary t-shirt) with a small Daemon-Tools-Logo in black/white (a bit like the firefox-polo) would look really nice. (i would buy one :P )

If the idea works out to be a good one, you could add little "updates" like supporter or developer under the logo...or a "rankpin"-System (for StarTrek-Fans :wink: )

You can sell bundles:
"normal" supporter
ProVersion with Polo
ProVersion "normal" (without Polo)

Just another idea


22.10.2005, 05:18
Here's an idea for a T-shirt: Above the StarForce logo is a hand with its middlefinger raised. That said finger has the cool "daemon tools" logo printed on it.

Well, I would buy that one without thinking twice.