View Full Version : rumor: SD2.8 with DPM?! SimCity 4

18.01.2003, 18:56

On http://www.cdrinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8491 I just read that somebody tried copying SimCity 4 (which is reported to have SafeDisc 2.80.010 by ClonyXXL) with Alcohol's SafeDisc 2 feature. He said he didn't have success until he activated DPM measuring.

Can anyone confirm this? Does SimCity 4 really need DPM although it's SafeDisc protected?


19.01.2003, 14:35
Sounds like nonsense to me.

Think about it. Alcohol's safedisc 2 settings don't allow dpm measurement. It's greyed out if safedisc 2 is chosen. Similarly RMPS is greyed out from safedisc 2 settings for writing.

19.01.2003, 16:28
goto settings:general:datatype settings, there you can set DPM & RMPS for the SafeDisc 2 profile.

19.01.2003, 17:27
How could he make DPM with bad sectors? Or this SD2 version has no bad sectors anymore? I doubt ...

20.01.2003, 01:39
Does DPM necessarily exclude bad sectors?

Apart from that, I read from several people that said they'd needed to enable DPM reading for successfully imaging SC4... I haven't had the possibility to verify that because I couldn't get hold of an original yet... If I do, I'll post the result here :)


20.01.2003, 04:35
DPM in current Alcohol version will never succeed on CD with bad sectors. New version is being developed that will skip bad sectors and make DPM only in some areas.

21.01.2003, 15:21
To go back to the main topic, I got hold of the european SimCity 4 and it does NOT have any physical media signature.

BUT! At the end of the setup, it automatically tried to launch the game and produced an error message saying that

"There is not disc in in the drive. Please put a disc into drive X:"
with the following buttons: |Cancel| |Retry| |Continue|

If you press Continue, you'll get the same error message, but with another drive if you have more than one physical drive. E.g. if you have physical CDVD-drives D: and E:, Alc VDrive F: and DT VDrive G: it will tell you to put a disc in drive D:, then drive E:, then drive D: again, and drive E: again and so forth.

It does NOT accept virtual drives! It lists neither Alcohol ( nor DT (3.29) VDrives.

However when I pressed cancel, the same error message occured several more times, then the game started and I could play. Kind of weird, I think...


12.02.2003, 22:57
Does DPM necessarily exclude bad sectors?

Think; What happens when you measure the seek time to a bad sector... It will take quite a long time, skewing the mesurement and inserting twin sectors when none are needed.

13.02.2003, 07:28
I have the aussie version of Simcity 4 and I did not encounter the problems as you described, nor do you need DPM. It burned fine with the default SD2 settings in Alcohol. The protection is verion Safedisc - 2.80.10.

13.02.2003, 13:05
I know, all versions I know are protected with standard SafeDisc 2.80.010 without physical media structure ("DPM"). I know about the european, US and australian version. Thanks for your heads-up nonetheless...