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21.01.2005, 04:24
Operating System: Windows XP Home Build 2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040802-2158
Burning Software: Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 Build 1750
Anti-virus Software: None
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I simply can't mount a drive. I've been trying for like 4 hours now~! ... When I "mount" my .MDS file I made from Alcohol 120%, I click mount, nothing happens. I try to "Set device parameters", and I can't change the "Drive letter" from being blank. I press OK but it doesn't do anything, and leaves the drive letter blank. The only thing that I can change is the "DVD Region".
The drive never appears.

Also, which I think may be the problem, when I was installing the program (which I've tried redoing) the "Hardware Configuration Wizard" came up and it didn't find drivers for the first thing it brought up, though there's no yellow ! mark when I open device manager...

Though I'm pretty sure it found drivers for the second one (D347PRT SCSI Controller), concidering I had to click the "Continue Anyway" thing.

Any help is appreciated~!

21.01.2005, 10:49
Check thread about missing drive letter assignment/disappearing drives in common problem and solutions forum.

21.01.2005, 21:36
I don't have "cdrom.inf" located anywhere on my computer :?

21.01.2005, 22:03
They your system is trashed.
You sure about that? Note that the Windows\Inf folder is hidden, i.e. you've to change Explorer configuration to show all files/folders, including hidden/system folders.

22.01.2005, 01:51
I don't know if "trashed" is the right word, but yeah, I'm missing cdrom.inf. I always run my computer showing hidden & "protected operating system" files.
In Windows\inf folder I have: branches.inf, branches.PNF, infcache.1, oem0.inf, oem0.PNF, oem1.inf, oem1.PNF, syssetup.PNF.

Both my CD-RW & DVD Drive have ran flawlessly w/out the cdrom.inf, I just can't install the virtual drive...

22.01.2005, 10:10
Obviously the drivers for your CD-RW and DVD drive were installed correctly at the time Windows was installed, then later something bad happend and destroyed your Inf folder - there used to be >1000 files in that folder!

24.01.2005, 07:04
Heh, I thought you'd like to know... after the next restart after replying to that message all of a sudden everything on my harddrive started deleting. I restarted again and by then the whole hard drive was scrubbed clean from some virus. I just got done reinstalling windows n everything. That could be the reason why the inf folder was missing all those files
I lost 2 years worth of $hit :x

Neways it's workin' now ^^