View Full Version : Some questions before updating Daemon Tools

12.02.2017, 01:07
Hello, first of all I want to thank the Daemon Tools developers for their honesty when presenting the ad-supported freeware, and offering an affordable paid version as an alternative. I really appreciate it.

I'm using Daemon Tools Lite 4.49 on Windows 7 and would like to update to the latest version, and maybe purchase some features if I like what I see, but before I do that I have some questions, and I'd appreciate if you guys could answer them. Thank you very much.

1) The Daemon Tools Lite page and online installer both say the free version has ads. Does that mean there are ads in the application itself, or only that I see optional offers during the installation?

2) If I choose "free license with ads" using the online installer, does that already grant permission to automatically install software other than Daemon Tools Lite?

3) What information does the installer collect from the computer running it?

4) I saw what seems to be an offline installer of Daemon Tools Lite 10.5.0 on Filehorse. Is it also available on the official site somewhere, or is it exclusive for some reason?

5) I don't seem to have SPTD on my system -I don't see HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\sptd-, so I think it wasn't required with v4.49 for my purpose. Is it always necessary with the new version?

6) Should I uninstall 4.49 before installing 10.5.0? Or is it okay to install on top?

14.02.2017, 11:02

1. Yes, it's optional offers during the only installation. The application doesn't have additionals itself.

2. No, you can untick appropriate options in the installation wizard, and nothing will be installed together with DAEMON Tools.

3. The installer requests Windows OS and capacity (32-bit/64bit) and country.

4. Offline activation, not an installer. In case you don't have internet connection on specified PC you can use DTNet app that installed on another PC with live internet for offline installation. This option for corporate customers.

5. The SPTD needs for advanced images emulation, but if you don't need it, you can use the software without SPTD.

6. Installing on top is ok.