View Full Version : Game software doesn't detect image although Windows does

23.01.2005, 02:11
Operating System: Windows XP home edition (Korean)
Burning Software: Nero burning ROM
Anti-virus Software: V3 Ahn Pro (Korean Standard Anti-Virus Program)
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

This problem happened shortly after installing Service pack 2.

After installing the game (without problems of any kind), I ran it,
but the message "insert original CD" pops up. This problem seems
to be limited to large-budget games (All EA games images have
this problem), since ROME totalwar and visual novel images do load.

No error message of any kind shows up. The game just continues to
ask for the original CD. The same image ran without this problem
before Service pack 2.

This problem seems to be connected to the service pack 2. My
friends who doesn't have this problem are those who didn't upgrade
their OS.

I see a few threads with similar problems, but I will post some details.

1. None of the emulation options will work. I didn't expect them to work
because the system DOES ACKNOWLEDGE the image.
2. This might be an unique problem associated with Korean and Japanese
windows, for almost all Korean and Japanese Daemon posts are filled up
with such reports.
3. Games that are so-called low budget games and games that are easily
hacked (such as totalwar, Starcraft, and some older games) doesn't have
this kind of problem.
4. Autorun runs properly. Installing and uninstalling also work. The game
just won't play.
5. The problem is consistent with all image types I have. Iso, bin, mdf, mds, even those images with CUE sheets.
6. Visual novels seem to be uneffected by this problem. Even Fate/Stay
night (the largest-budget visual novel in the market) works.