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23.01.2005, 05:09
Operating System: windows XP
Burning Software: Nero & Disc Dump
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: V3.47

OK just disregard that last topic that I posted,

heres my problem,

I just installed DT 2 days ago and from what I cant tell everything is running fine, so I'm almost positive that the problem involves something that I'm doing.

I downloaded the Image "Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos", after checking the protection on the disc with "ClonyXXL", the protection program the game runs on is secuROM and so I set the emulation.

I used one of the burners you guys recommended, "Disc Dump", to download the image to a folder, two images of the game came out, the .ISO version and the .CUE version.

the only one that I can even mount is the .ISO version, the .CUE version just says that its "an invalid Track type" when I try to mount it, so I use one of the virtual drives that is given, G:, and mount the .ISO image.

but when I go back to the windows explorer and try to open the virtual drive it just says

Disc is not formated
"Windows cannot read from this disc. The disc might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows."

I've tried re-dumping the image many times with the same, and a different, game. It just says the same thing everytime. :cry:

If anyone AT ALL can help me I would greatly appreciate it. :)

23.01.2005, 11:52
1- Clony xxl is oudated, use a-ray scanner : http://www.aray-software.com/

2- Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos is protected by SECUROM 4.x so you need RMPS emulation

3- To build a good image for RMPS emulation you need :
- Alcohol 120 % or Blindwrite software

Discdump is now too old in a lot of cases

23.01.2005, 12:10
Actually WC3-ROC is protected by SecuROM v4.6x, later updated, so DPM data is not needed. WC3-TFT needs DPM data though.

23.01.2005, 12:17
Actually WC3-ROC is protected by SecuROM v4.6x, later updated, so DPM data is not needed. WC3-TFT needs DPM data though.
Yes Just after my previous post I remember that but Copytrooper was too fast !

Anyway, I advise to recreate the image (from the original) using for example SECUROM profile of ALCOHOL 120 % (so finally without DPM data), there is no problem to create a working image and working backup of WC3-ROC, at the maximum DAEMON TOOL securom emulation should be required.


24.01.2005, 02:53
First of all I am very noobish at this whole thing so I dont know what DPM even means, second, I've tried the same exact thing with "Homeworld 2" and it does the same thing as Warcraft, so what would it be if it does it with ALL of my games?