View Full Version : System Tray icon dissapeared!

23.01.2005, 11:03
Operating System: Win XP Pro with SP2
Burning Software: Nero 6.3
Anti-virus Software: Norton
DAEMON Tools Version: Not sure - just downloaded and installed yesterday (Jan 22, 2005)

I downloaded and installed Daemon Tools yesterday, Jan 22, 05. It caused my system to reboot during installation (actually once it said that installation was completed), and my system seemed to randomly reboot until I let the error-checking service run on re-boot.

The program has installed fine, I initially had the system tray icon, and successfully mounted 3 drives. My problem is that now that I have mounted these drives, the tray icon has now vanished. I can still access the virtual drives, however I can no longer unmount them or do anything else with Daemon Tools, as I do not seem to have any way to access the program.

Was it supposed to create a Start Menu entry? Or is the System Tray icon the only way to access the program?

25.01.2005, 15:13
Just a wild guess... Do you have UPnP enabled? This messes with the system tray, preventing some programs to appear there (seemingly randomly).

I don't know about any fix for this but disabling UPnP.

Otherwise I don't know...

25.01.2005, 20:44
Actually, I had it set to Manual - I've since disabled it, but the system tray icon will not come back. Is there another way to access the program, so that I can unmount and mount drive images?

25.01.2005, 20:49
You can install an add-on, e.g. awxDTools or FastMount (see our download section), or use the command line switches (see manual).
Or try to end daemon.exe via task manager, then re-start via desktop icon -> check. Also try to remove -lang 1033 switch from desktop icon and try again. If it works you can try it for autostart (registry), too.