View Full Version : Error message when I try to mount an image!

19.01.2003, 16:56
when I try to mount an image (when I select a cue file) I get this message:
"Unable to mount image. CUE sheet: line 1 - FILE command must appear before any other commands."
I use Win98SE and Daemon Tools v3.29
Need help, thx!

19.01.2003, 17:21
Post the cue-sheet!

19.01.2003, 17:21
The .cue-file is defect, just make a new image from your original disc and try again, it should work then.


19.01.2003, 17:22
What help do you need? The message displays already all necessary information for you. Your CUE files is corrupt. Read CDRWIN help on specification of CUE format to get more info or post your CUE here.

What program did you use to create this CUE? Don't tell me you have downloaded it and you did not read the board rules...;-)

19.02.2003, 13:37
or you can just try to mount the file from your .bin or whatever image the cue file points to. i never use cue files when i mount images. When you're going to mount an image, just tell it to show files of all types, you'll be able to see your .bin or whatever the main img file is (the largest one, usu around 500-750 mb's)

19.02.2003, 17:41
@anarkist2k1: this only works with single-track discs!! The cue-file is needed if disk contains more than one track, so cue file isn't useless (otherwise nobody invented them :wink: )

19.02.2003, 18:20
yep I hear so many ppl "CUE what do I need a cue for" hrhrhr and than trying to burn an CD-Extra ...