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26.01.2005, 21:21
Operating System: Windows
Burning Software: No diffrence
Anti-virus Software: no diffrence
DAEMON Tools Version: all versions


I live in iran
and i have a "Game Net" ... (((a place with 10 or more pc's that connected with each other and ppl playing multiplayer games with each other )))

the only accounting software that is available and known for game nets in iran is game port (((ver. 3.0 or 3.1 or 4.0)))

the problem is here
on a client when the Game port client is locked to restrict accesing the windows by ppl the Daemon won't work ... its loaded to memory and the service is enabled but the images wont aouto mount or i cant mount images couase the daemon window wont open ...
i tried to use DaemonUI and ... but they didn't work too ...
what should I do

ps :

Clients shouldn't have CD-ROMs and i must get an image of game cd's on server and load them with daemon to install them and a you know theres not always a no-cd crack for games

sorry cause my english is not good