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30.01.2005, 08:29
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Burning Software: Nero 6, RecordNow! 7, Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6, CloneDVD
Anti-virus Software: Symantec 2005 - Norton Antivirus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I can mount and unount any image without any problems. But, when I then try to mount a second image after the first one, I still only get the contents of my first image in the virtual drive. It is a if I remounted my first image - nomatter how many different images I try to mount after. Even if I physically delete the first image, it will still be the contents from that image that shows up when I later mount a new image (if I try to access any of the files I get an error - which makes sense, considering that the image actually no longer exists). The only way to mount two different images is to reboot, and that is useless when I try to install a multi image game for example.

Just to clarify with an example:

PC rebooted, no image mounted
I have a game over two ISO images (test1.iso and test2.iso) I want to install
Mouting image test1.iso
Contents of test1.iso shows up in my virtual Z: drive
I start my installation from Z:
I am prompted by the installation program to instert disk two
I unmount test1.iso and mount test2.iso (or just mount test2.iso directly)
Nothing happens. The contents of Z: does NOT change. It is still the contents from image test1.iso though test2.iso is the image that is mounted
Contents of Z: now NEVER change until I reboot my machine. Restarting D-Tools or deleting/moving tes1t.iso makes no difference at all.

I have tried reinstalling D-tool 3.47, but no change. I have tried all sorts of Emulation Options combinations without luck. I am totally lost here guys.
This happened to me only a few days back, and has always worked before, so I suspect it is related to something I have installed on my PC, but how do I go about trying to locate the source of this problem? And are there any workarounds, short of extractin the contents of the images and skipping D-Tools altogether?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!

19.02.2005, 19:14
Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2
Burning Software: mainly Nero 6 and CloneDVD
Anti-virus Software: freeav and AVP
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

same problem here! but i think it is a XP problem, because i have the same thing with real cdrom drives. BUT i have a workarround!

real cd drive:
take cd out of drive
try to list the files on cdrom drive with total commander (should fail then)
insert the other cd in the drive, and it works (on my system)

virtual cd drive:
unmount the image via tray
try to list files
mount new image
et voila!

you can speed up that a little. just mount a new image and while the mounting try to list the files on the virtual drive. you will get an error once or twice and after that ist works.

the (_best_) filemanager total commander i used for listeng can be obtained from www.ghisler.com. i tried the listing stuff with the explorer, but it doesnt seem to work.

well, actually i am happy, i can use my cdrom drives again, but that work arround procedure still sux! anyone any ideas how to fix this?
thx in advance...

19.02.2005, 19:46
You need auto insert notification (AIN) to be active, you don't need autorun though. Easiest way is to install CloneCD and change related settings.

25.02.2005, 00:35
yeah! that was it! thx!