View Full Version : Device setup Error: code 25061 (0x61E5), 2 (0x2). contact your support personnel

31.01.2005, 14:27
I made a mistake, obviously. I tried to backup my brand new "Knights of Honor" game, protected by the abominable Securom. Of course, I had no idea that this protection caused such trouble with Daemontools. Nonetheless, after noticing that Daemontools was no longer functional i tried to reinstall, resulting in the "drivers" conflict covered elsewhere on this forum. I solved that one, except for the fact that my "device manager" under the "hard drive" tab in properties of my computer, is completely empety, and I cannot seem to find anything in there to tweak.

When I try to install the Daemontools application now, it gets right to the end, and this error message appears:

Device setup Error: code 25061 (0x61E5), 2 (0x2). Contact your support personnel

Followed by the message:
Device setup Error: code 25005 (0x61AD), 13 (0xD). Contact your support personnel

And lastly a repeat of the first message:
Device setup Error: code 25061 (0x61E5), 2 (0x2). Contact your support personnel

I am at a loss, I am no wizard with computers, this I admit, so any sort of help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

31.01.2005, 15:05
Seems your OS is corrupt (e.g. virus, memory) or you've some really strange problem with registry (corrupt or permissions).
The errors mean SetupDiGetClassDevs API fails.
And btw, please post into the correct forum. ;)

23.02.2005, 18:11
Operating System: XP
Burning Software: Burning Nero
Anti-virus Software: Nortan Antivirus 05
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.46 - 3.47

I've got the exact same problem. anyone know how to fix it? miss my daemon tool =/