View Full Version : how can I make smal images???

03.02.2005, 11:34
I think i got the idea of daemon tools now and i know how it works, but i have still one problem.

When i upload a cd on my PC it's about 700 MB big, and i don't have enough spance on my disc to upload more CDs, so I woundered if you can somhow make smaller images???

04.02.2005, 18:24
but who will decide, which data is neccessary to run the program and which not? and who will create and test those mini-images?

isn't it easier and more comfortable just to create a perfect image, able to install and play from? just think about buying a new harddisk! :D

05.02.2005, 18:14
Enough money for computer and software but not for a hard disk?

Last time this "issue" came up I was flamed like there was no tomorrow but I'll say it again: hard disks are dirt cheap when compared to legal software. A 250GB drive costs <130 euro and a 120GB drive is <70 euro, both brand new and with full warranty. If you have enough money to buy 120GB of software (OVER 170 CDs) then you'll have the 70 euro to get another hard disk.

Let's say that the drive is filled with 10 euro bargain bin software and every program/game uses the whole CD. To fill a 70 euro drive would then cost 70+170*10=1770 euro.

If somebody really doesn't have 70 euro, then he/she will most likely have enough time to manually shift his/her freeware CDs or even uninstall some of the titles and reinstall when needed. In fact, I would recommend him/her to sell the computer and get a decent job/education first and worry about pirate gamez not working later.

End of rant, thank you for wasting your time.