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03.02.2005, 13:55
Operating System: windows xp
Burning Software: none
Anti-virus Software: none/disabled
DAEMON Tools Version: v3.46


i have a problem. When i am trying to mount an image via a linkfile. I get the error: "Error in command line".

The regular Command Line is:
"C:\Programme\D-Tools\daemon.exe -lang 1033"

I want to use this command line for start images by the send-to directory or by drag 'n' drop.

in the chm file i found the -mount option that is so:
( -mount 0, "c:/Drive/File.img" )

My Problem is that i don't know what the variable for automaticly including the file is ( -mount 0, " ???? " ) - when i want to be able to use this in my send-to folder, i need this variable.

I hope this was clearly and some is able to help me.



03.02.2005, 14:40
Remove the space between mount 0, and the "image file name" ;)
-> i.e. -mount 0,NOSPACEHERE"c:/Drive/File.img" -> -mount 0,"c:/Drive/File.img"

03.02.2005, 14:43

thanks, this was a good tip.
but what i have to do when i will use this
command with serveral files in d'n'd or in my send-to folder like:

-mount 0,"$aFile"



05.02.2005, 02:38
Operating System: windows xp proffesional
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: NOD32
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I tried to mount a .ccd file, but I got the following message:

"Unable to mount image. Unable to acces sub-channel file."

Could someone tell me what that means? (Except the fact that DT is unable to mount the image). And if it's a fault in the .ccd file, could someone tell me how to fix it?


05.02.2005, 16:14
CCD makes three files, a .ccd, a .img, and a .sub. Check if they got same filename each.

05.02.2005, 20:49
What if I don't have the .sub?

I got a .zip file containing a .ccd, a .img and nothing else. Does that mean that I can't use that image?

05.02.2005, 20:52
Exactly - re-create it from your original.