View Full Version : "Generic DVD-ROM SCSI CdRom Device Driver" Needed

03.02.2005, 18:05
Operating System: Windows XP SP1
Burning Software: Nero 6, DVD Decrypter
Anti-virus Software: Norton 2002
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I was able to install DAEMON Tools without a problem, however after rebooting Windows is asking me for a driver. This did not happen the last time I had DAEMON Tools installed. Updating Windows and putting my Windows CD in the CD drive did not help. Where can I download an appropriate driver?

03.02.2005, 18:42
You don't need to download a driver. Check thread about missing drive letters/disappearing drives in common problems and solutions forum.

03.02.2005, 23:14
The three files mentioned in the FAQ are not in my windows\inf directory, hence the question.

04.02.2005, 07:39
The 3 files are not, but cdrom.inf should. :idea:

05.02.2005, 03:55
Operating System: windows xp sp2
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: norton av 2005
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

i have the same problem. missing drivers in my generic scsi drive.

all it has is some .hlp file and nothing else.

it installs ok but never shows a drive letter.

i pointed the update driver to cdrom.inf and it starts the loading process, but then shows up with a incorrect info error. btw, i went and tried alcohol and it does the same thing. i'm assuming it's a windows xp thing, but i don't want to redo it as i just finished reinstalling my windows and daemontools was the last thing i had to do. everything else is working fine.

if anyone can help please do.

thanks in advance

08.02.2005, 04:40
still no response? can anyone help? or should i just assume i can't use it.