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21.01.2003, 19:55
I don't know if anyone would find this useful, but I wrote a program in Kix (kix4.12 + Kixforms 2.20) that will prompt for a directory and search that dir and all subdirs looking for image files. It will populate a list and then allow you to doubleclick the image to automatically mount it.

If this would be useful to you let me know and I'll provide the code...

16.02.2003, 15:47

16.02.2003, 20:06
Email the program to locutus@daemon-tools.cc and he will add it to the addon section of the site. Also, could you add a link to it in this post?

17.06.2003, 02:22
Radimus: That little program looks awesome! :) :) :)

18.03.2004, 01:13
I haven;t done much to this in the last few months...

I always meant to enable the choosing on a specific drive letter (of the number of virtual drives) but I never got around to it...

Anyway, it is written in Kix (available at www.kixtart.org) and uses kixforms.dll (available at www.kixforms.org)

The specific code for this is at www.wheelerfam.com/kixtart/daemonmounter.kix

It is very much a basic program, and any real developer would laugh at it... I'll do some more development and make it better... although I use it as is on a daily basis