View Full Version : Emulation Error to disable

06.02.2005, 12:05
Operating System: Winxp
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: norton 2005
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I installed Daemon 3.47 but could not get it to work so i Uninstalled program. There after ever time i put a certain cd in It comes up with a Message stating that Emulation software is installed and to disable it before running program ??? does any body Know how to cure this Error or is there a Registry entry to Edit. :cry:

06.02.2005, 12:27
Which games exactly?
Note that such message is often caused by CloneCD's Hide CD-R media function.

07.02.2005, 19:35
Thanks for the InfoCopytrooper. I do have clone installed but not sure about how to change anything or do I have to uninstall clone??? Game was the Sims 2. Thanks in advance windy

07.02.2005, 19:38
Try to disable the Hide CD-R media function in CloneCD's tray. Do NOT end tray only, that function will still be active!

08.02.2005, 21:37
Thanks copytrooper problem now fixed.
I did as you sugested but had to activate clone to the taskbar before i could see the hide cd clone option I then selected hide but game still did not work i then changed it back again to normal and now is working fine, thanks for your help i have been trying to sort this out for the last 3 months :D