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21.01.2003, 22:23
I've got a little problem: If I configure Deamon Tools (newest version) to emulate RMPS, Windows XP (+SP1) will crash when I insert a CD, which was created with this feature (even Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work). A friend has this problem with the same CD and OS not. I try it with only Windows XP Pro and Sp1 (without any other software installed) and the result is the same.

My PC configuration:

Toshiba SDM1612 DVD
Plextor PXW-4012A
P4 on Asus P4T533
512 MB Rambus
Asus GeForce 4
Gainward Firewire PCI
Hoontech Soundtrack Digital XG
3com Network PCI

I would be very happy, if somebody will help me :lol:

21.01.2003, 23:18
A friend has this problem with the same CD

Which cd/game?

22.01.2003, 02:31
I have seen you also posted this in bug report forum of Alchol
and replied to my question:
I've tried it with no other burning software - now I've installed BlindWrite, CloneCD and Nero.
Name of controller in device manager: IntelĀ® 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller.

I have the P4T533 from Asus, which has 2 IDE Slots for normal devices (where my CD-ROM is connected to) and 2 IDE Slots for Raid (Promise).

You may post now only in this forum, as I can care about Alcohol.

Your controller is same as on my motherboard with i845 chipset and it works fine in XP SP1. If you disable RMPS emulation - can you read the CD good, eg. dump it with Alcohol without errors? And what is exact behavior of the 'crash'?
Do you use built-in driver for IDE controller, or you use Intel application accelerator? What version is it?
Does it happen on both CDROM drives? Are your CDROMs both masters?

22.01.2003, 10:02
if I disable RMPS I can read the CD without errors - but the software doesn't run, because for that it need emulation.
The crash: If I try to install the software from CD or if autorun starts, the system hang up - the cursor doesn't move and crtl+alt+del doesn't work.
I've tried it with the built in drivers and with the Intel application accelerator V2.2.0.2126!
It happens on both CD-Roms: My Toshiba is slave and my Plextor is master!

23.01.2003, 10:24
Please try to uninstall Intel application accelerator and all burning programs (including Alcohol);
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so only Daemon 3.29 is left. Then reboot and check device manager.
Please post me what drivers are loaded for some of your CDROMs in device manager. If some of your drives have question marks etc, then reboot again (Intel application accelerator may require 2 reboots for complete install/uninstall).
Now try to insert RMPS media again. BTW, what is the name of game?
If it still happens try this - disable your slave CDROM in BIOS just for test and reboot (so only master remains). Just curious.

23.01.2003, 21:03
I've tried all you said - but it doesn't help! The game is Gothic 2 - a friend of me has treid it with the same CDs - it works! I don't know, what it can be - can you imagine?

24.01.2003, 06:30
So now you have only Daemon in system, no burning progs? What drivers are displayed for physical CDROM in device manager?
Make sure you have no other filter drivers on systems, basicaly only storprop.dll, redbook.sys and cdrom.sys should be present. Is it so?

24.01.2003, 19:30
I've more than these three drivers for my CD-ROMs! How can I delete single drivers? If I delete these files, the CD-ROMs are disabled! Any Idea?

P.S.: I've deinstalled all other burning software!

24.01.2003, 22:54
Please post these extra files, and we might be able to tell you what to uninstall/remove.

27.01.2003, 17:00
these are the files: Asapi.sys, cdrom.sys, imapi.sys, redbook.sys and storprop.dll! All files are in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers! The storprop.dll is in C:\Windows\System32!


03.02.2003, 07:54
I've tried something: I've removed all other hardware-stuff and installed windows new - it doesn't run! It must have something to do with the mainboard or the CPU or the RAM! Any idea? - Oh, one thing: I've got the new Intel 3,066 GHz CPU with HT! If I disable HT it won't run, too! Have you any idea?

03.02.2003, 08:23
HOW did you install windows new. Did you format, or did you simply overwrite everything. If you really want to start fresh, you should format (but BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!!!)

03.02.2003, 14:40
Of course I've formated before I've installed Windows new :-)

03.02.2003, 15:33
It is probably a driver issue. Please update all drivers from the intel site, video card site, etc...

04.02.2003, 12:45
I've updated all drivers and bios - it won't work! I've got another question: Am I the only one with this problem? If so - perhaps my PC Hardware configuration is incompatible with RMPS :lol:
I don't know - if more users have such new Hardware, the problem can be solved! :wink: