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22.01.2003, 01:32
ok, I use Fix-it Utilities to clean up and keep my computer running good, and after I ran the registry fixer my daemon tools wouldn't start up anymore but the drive was still there. My next step was to attempt to remove the program and then install the latest version. Couldnt' uninstall because of some missing .msi(I know what that was). I then did a manual uninstall which is very easy to do. Now I have a big problem, the program is gone, nothing is left to make this problem exist, still the Drive is on my computer. I have done everything I can think of to get this virtual drive off my computer, but with every restart, it's right back there. How can I get rid of this drive? all it's doing is taking up a drive letter that I don't need taken up.

Windows 98 (OS) that should be all the tech info you need from me.


22.01.2003, 02:15
You must remove 'Plug and Play BIOS Extension' device in system devices, which corresponds with Daemon. Be careful, Alcohol may use device with same name as well!

22.01.2003, 03:43
m8, that is part of the manual install, to remove that bios extension(and it says to do so in the Manual that comes with Daemon Tolls)
and I don't use this Alcohol thing(although I have heard of it)

I need a better solution

PS: Your probably surprised that someone actually read the Manual that you offer. I tried to find a slution before coming here...I even sent an email to support, but that was 2 days ago, thats why I came here.

22.01.2003, 06:36
If you removed the extension and at least rebooted the virtual drive CANNOT appear! Or you have other virtual drive software.
Please post what SCSI controllers you have in device manager.

22.01.2003, 07:14
I did all that m8...

After checking th4 SCSI I noticed it said I had a Stealth something or other listed, I figured that must have been part of why this thing existed, so I removed it.......vioala, problem solved....on a side note, you may want to add that part to the Help Manual, just in case someone else ever has this problem.

thanks m8, I appreciate your help.

you can close this now.

22.01.2003, 07:39
So, I have the the same problem.
I`ve remoned PnP BIOS Ext., deleted "Generic STEALTH DVD SCSI CdRom Devices" (3)
restart, and... I have it again!
I`ve removed DTools, repeated all the operations - result is the same :(((

And pardon for my English, it`s not my native language, i did not exactly understand this part of previous message:
"After checking th4 SCSI I noticed it said I had a Stealth something or other listed, I figured that must have been part of why this thing existed, so I removed it.......vioala, problem solved....".. what it`s all about?

22.01.2003, 08:42
You tell me miracles - HOW can it appear if you removed PnP extension?
Please tell me (btw I repeat it 2nd time) what SCSI controlelrs are listed in device manager when you deleted that extension and rebooted?
You guys ask questions and don't respond to what I ask you. I may simply lock this thread and forget it if you will ignore my questions, sorry.

22.01.2003, 11:23
ST320HG SCSI Controller

23.01.2003, 00:27
firstly, that is no way to attempt to help people, the guy stated his english was not very good. Secondly, Ditch the attitude m8, your program is doing things you don't understand, it happens, you aren't perfect, no human is so stop trying be superior.

If you are wondering, there is nothing in my SCSI list now that I removed that Stealth business. As I stated, you should list that in your Manual as part of the manual Uninstall, this way you wont' ever have this problem again. Now that I have said my piece, try to help the guy who still has this problem, and don't be so rude to him about it.

I would like to point out to whomever runs this board, that Venom has an attitude problem, and needs a talking to. I am a Moderator on several boards, and behavior like his wold be considered unacceptable on any of them, and should be here.

23.01.2003, 01:48
I can find no rude attitude in VeNoM's post. He requested for more information and didn't received them. VeNoM is the developer of Daemon-Tools and also Owner of this Board, like Swenske, Andareed and me. He's one of the finest people I have the luck to know.

VeNoM know's very good how BAD english can look like, especially from me :) , so I guess:

You tell me miracles - HOW can it appear if you removed PnP extension?
was only a technical question and has nothing to do with a bad attitude or rude answers. I hope we can discuss now the technical issues and not the personal probs, that's what private messages are good for.

23.01.2003, 02:25
@Nymph: Do you have alcohol 120% installed?

First, delete the pnp bios extension from System Devices. DO NOT REBOOT.
Second, delete the ST320HG and any other similar controllers from SCSI. DO NOT REBOOT.
Thrid, remove the virtual cdrom(s) from the cdrom section.


@Cappy: If you cannot think of anything productive to add to this topic, please do not post anything. As Locutus said, if you have a problem with someone, private message them, and do not 'burn' them in public. I am not trying to be rude either.

23.01.2003, 10:15
@Nymph: ST320HG SCSI Controller is part part of very old Daemon Tools installation, when there was no PnP BIOS Extension (< 3.26);

so there is no wonder why it stayed in your system (maybe after manual registry clean).

@Cappy: my phrase was mostly addressed to you, not to Nymph, so bad english has nothing to do with it. What exactly was rude in my phrase, I am wondering? You just ask questions and want to get help, but when I respond and ask something you ignore my questions and start fiddling with your registry, then you propose to include some crap to the manual while in fact you had problem with yourself. If you are so smart that you know what entries in your registy mean - I am not much of a help for you.
If you ask questions and expect a reply - then at least reply to what others ask. If you don't then it is problem of YOUR attitide - not mine.

16.03.2003, 20:30
I cant figure out, what to do, ihave a simular problem, but cant figure out this m8 and the PnP BIOS Ext, is that to be found in the Bios or in the computer settings. What is this stealth, and where is that to be found..

I would relly like a step by step, dicription to help me..

PS. i tried looking in this manual but couldn't find anything...

Hope you will find it in your hearts to help me, i would relly appriciate it..