View Full Version : UNABLE TO INSTALL! Device setup error: code 25009

13.02.2005, 03:59
Operating System: Windows XP sp2
Burning Software: none at the moment
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon tools 3.47

Start it up and right when its just about to complete the installation this pops up

'Device setup error: code 25009 (0x61B1), -536870389 (0xE000020B) Contact your support personell."

I have the same problem with Alcohol 120% also... so I'm completely left WITHOUT ANY program thats able to mount disc drives and so on, if someone out there could point me to the solution I thank you in advance..

18.02.2005, 10:01
Such problem is usually caused by registry permission problems.
Someone has "manipilated" with regsitry keys - either you or program you have run.;)