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22.01.2003, 05:34
Hi. I'm really quite unfamiliar with how CD protection works, and therefore how the emulation of it works :oops: ? But when you release new versions of Daemon Tools, I see u say you update blacklists to certain software. What exactly are blacklists?

22.01.2003, 06:11
Basically, copy protections get wise to daemon-tools; they find some kind of new ways to detect it, and then refuse to run the game [if daemon is found]. Then venom has to go and change the driver name and other things to get around this "blacklist".

03.03.2003, 19:45
Can you give more information about SUBJ? How programs can detect DT on PC? In DT we have change VendorID and Model is it quiet enough or not? For more flexibility you can insert more option in DT, such "Change Driver Name". If games search DT in ProcesList, some files on HDD, or other stuff, you can build DT more universaly. And users can change this options itselfs.

with Respect...

04.03.2003, 08:55
Games start to check not only driver name but also some bytes inside this driver and its general behavior in memory. This requires sophisticated tricks to hide driver even more and redesign it to avoid its detection and blacklists.