View Full Version : Stuttering and lag on video playback

14.02.2005, 17:35
Operating System: win98 se
Burning Software: NA
Anti-virus Software: NA
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

I am using Daemon Tools to mount bin/cue images of VCD's and use VideoLan (VLC) to play the mpg file it contains. When I do this the movie stutters and lags every few seconds in a kind of random way.

The mpg plays smoothly when copied out of the "daemon drive", and other movies on the same disk, played directly, run perfectly smooth.

To me this indicates that it is DT that makes the whole machine hang for some milliseconds every few seconds when it is reading from the image.

I have way to many VCD's on that disk to consider copying them all out, so
I am gratefull for any suggestions for how to resolve this.