View Full Version : Fatal Error when playing game

23.01.2003, 01:10
when im playing madden 2003 bin, i get into the game, but when the actual game starts to come up,i get "the madden 2003 cd has been removed. the game will now exit. Can somebody please help?

23.01.2003, 03:28
I assume you made an image of the cd? Second, this game is protected by SafeDisc v2.72.000. Therefore, go download alcohol 120%, and make an image using the SafeDisc 2 profile. Then mount the image with d-tools.

For blacklist reasons, did you ever patch/update the game?

24.01.2003, 20:31
I tried it, but i stil get the same error.

24.01.2003, 23:42
What did you try? Imaging with alcohol?

Just out of curiosity, when it crashes, is the image still mounted in d-tools?

25.01.2003, 17:39
yes, i tried that but it didnt work. it was still mounted.

25.01.2003, 22:12
Can you try making an image with another cdrom, or with another computer, and then run it in this other computer, and see what happens? Also, try re-imaging your game.

If someone else has this issue (or can work it fine);
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please post.