View Full Version : Hi, im not sure if this involves daemon tools...

19.02.2005, 21:20
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Sonic Recordnow version7
Anti-virus Software: McAffee viruscan 9.0
DAEMON Tools Version: version 3.47

What I have access to is an .img, .ccd, and a .sub file. The thing is when i mount the .img file, I am brought to windows explorer which shows what is within the file. I see a folder which contains .STR files, and two other obscure files which i think don't have any significance.

I dont know how to access this since i'm used to just mounting the image and executing the file from then on. I apologize if this sounds noobish or if this has been answered already (i already tried lookin in the searc engine). Thanks in advance.