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23.01.2003, 14:29
I am a Newbie to all this so please forgive my ignorance!

I copied my original Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 using clone cd but it won't play. I now have found via this forum and others that it is protected by Securom V4.8 and from what i have read I understand it is not possible to do a 1:1 copy of this game. I take it that i will have to buy a copy of alcohol 120 to do a copy? I also read that time is running out to be able to do this - is it too late for me to get a copy of this game?? - it is for my friends son.

24.01.2003, 19:26
Yes, 1:1 copy isn't possible using existing hardware.
Only BlindWrite and alcohol can copy (using emulation features) securom 4.8 protected cds. I think alcohol is better 8more accurate, more difficult to blacklist).
Download alcohol 120% and do the copy.
You can find some Walkthrough here:
DPM-RMPS Walkthrough:
Copying protected games how to:

24.01.2003, 22:33
Thanks - I have read and printed off the R.M.P.S. walkthrough and downloaded a trial version of alcohol 120% and am going to try to copy the Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 in a minute.

24.01.2003, 22:54
A word about the differnce between alcohol and blindwrite's method of burning.

Blindwrite uses a method called twinpeaks. It essentially imitates the protection, but it should not be hard for the copy protections to detect.

Alcohol on the other hand, burns the actual physical information to a location on the cd. Then alcohol/d-tools is able to see this physical information, and then emulates it.

25.01.2003, 09:38
The walkthrough I printed off to use alcohol 120% was excellent - I think it is my inexperience that may be the problem now!! I followed all the instructions - the only part I didn't do the same was point 18 Enable RPMS - I ticked Ignore Media Type and RMPS Emulation but as I clicked OK I noticed there was a tick in the Launch Device Manager without Ignore Media Type function - on the notes it does not have a tick in that box - would this affect the outcome?

There is now a working copy of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 in my virtual drive H - my CDRW is at drive G I do not have a CDROM just a CDRW. I also have Clone CD on my computer.

If my aim is to get a copy of this game to my friend - can I use the disc that I copied RCT 2 on or does it only work from my computer's virtual drive?

I find this subject hard to get to grips with - my first time trying all this but I am learning fast.

25.01.2003, 11:30
If you want to play an RMPS-copy of a SecuROM v4.8x-protected disc, you will always need a program installed that will do the actual job of emulating. So if no Alcohol is installed, you should install the latest Daemon-Tools, they can do the job just as fine, set them to RMPS-emulation enabled.

If you want to learn more about the whole SecuROM v4.8x and RMPS thing, I suggest you have a look at the Some facts about SecuROM v4.8x (http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=274)-Thread, it is a (I hope) beginner-friendly summary of SecuROM v4.8x.

Hope this helps


25.01.2003, 11:57
thanks - have just read your link on SecuRom and it is easy to understand apart from I don't fully understand how to and what mounting an image means?

I have looked in my study books - i am a first year student studying computer technician course - and can find no reference to mounting an image and am guessing that to emulate the copy protection means to mirror it?

I gather that i will need to install a copy of alcohol 120% or daemon-tools to my friends computer and then ensure that RPMS emulation is enabled so that the copy disc can be played?

I am nearly there!!

25.01.2003, 12:28
The part about RMPS needing Alcohol or Daemon-Tools installed was completely right, yeah.

I'll try to explain mounting on an example.

A friend of mine plays MechWarrior 4 very much. Actually, MechWarrior 4 consists of the main game and a bunch of add-ons (MechWarrior 4, Black Knight, Mercenaries, and two MechPacks). Now, apart from the MechPacks, every time he wants to play one of the different add-ons he has to put in the right disc, either MW4 or BK or Mercs.
He eventually got annoyed of that kind of disc juggling so he made images of all three discs (i.e. made a file on the harddrive that contained all the data stored on the disc). Now he set Daemon-Tools to create three virtual drives (i.e. drives that do not really exist but are simulated by Daemon-Tools). The actual process of mounting means that he selected one of the drives in Daemon-Tools menu and told it which of the three images he had made before it should simulate to be put into it.

You see, mounting means "linking" an image file to a virtual drive that will simulate a CD-ROM drive with the appropriate CD-ROM put into it.


25.01.2003, 12:37
SG thank you for your help - you are very knowledgable and I wished you lived in my town so I could learn more!! I have printed out all the help given me and am reading it through so that I can understand it better. It is a hard concept to grasp as a beginner but I will get there.


25.01.2003, 13:24
No problem, I'm glad I could help you.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask in here, you will find a lot of people able to help you - I learned all the stuff I told you and wrote in the SecuROM-Thread in this forum, so just go ahead, ask, and you will know ;)


03.02.2003, 23:09

Well thanks to this forum and all the very helpful advice - my friends son now has a "copy" of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 and can play it no problem - one very happy boy - one happy friend who has just saved Ј35 and I am very happy that i have managed to learn about emulating copies and mounting images - not bad for a blonde LOL

I am well impressed with the great advice which has been easy to follow.

Thank you.