View Full Version : Is DT usable in Limited Accounts? (WinXP Pro)

22.02.2005, 19:20
Operating System: Windows XP Pro
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Macaffee
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

I created a limited account for my nieces, since I want to avoid them messing around the PC too much. In addition, they are playing Sims 2, and I wanted to avoid using the DVD: they have scratched it already. It is still useable, but I'd like to keep it stored away safely.

Now, Daemon tools work perfectly in my account, which has admin privileges, but when I try to run Sims 2 from the limited account, I see the Sims 2 logo, then it goes away after a bit, but the game does not start. I can see that the game is loaded into memory in the Windows Task Manager, but it doesn't run.

Any way to solve this? Or does Deamon tools only work on accounts with admin privileges?


22.02.2005, 19:28
Does it work from the original cd? Note that most games unfortunately require admin rights.

22.02.2005, 20:40
Yes, it worked flawlessly with the original Sims 2 DVD both in the admin and limited accounts. Of course, I applied the official Maxis patch first (ver., otherwise I would not have been able to run the game on limited accounts.

The image that Daemon tools mounted helped run the game without a hitch in my admin account... however, when I tried to do it with the limited account, the game would not run. Like I said, it makes the "attempt" to run, it even appears listed in the Windows Task Manager but the game itself does not run.

It isn't really that important since I have the original DVD... I just wanted to keep it safely away from my nieces' fingers :).