View Full Version : Files on my actual CD drive not being seen

23.01.2003, 20:19
Following installation of your program...

Files on my actual CD drive are no longer showing up in Windows explorer when a CD is present.

Any suggestions?

23.01.2003, 20:45
Well, perhaps if you posted more information, we could help. Like what is your os? Have you ever used easycd? Which cdrom are you talking about?

25.01.2003, 18:18
No need to get catty about it, toonses...

Windows XP.
Yes... I have used EasyCD.
Samsung CD-R/RW SW-216B

25.01.2003, 21:22
Try this topic: http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=498

26.01.2003, 01:12
@cliffone: IF you have a problem with the posting from Andareed, just let me know! Please point me to the "catty" statements as I'm maybe to dumb to see it?? Maybe I don't understand, what exactly you mean? That would help me alot!

Feel free to discuss it with me over PM please!

26.01.2003, 02:48
@cliffone: I don't understand why you think I have a bad attitude. I just get a bit annoyed when people throw questions at us (the support team) without giving us details.

For example, if you worked at a bank, and someone said "I want to withdraw $100", that doesn't help the teller. You need to give details, like your name, bank account #, id, etc...

Please just put your feet in my shoes and understand why we get cranky at times.

Thanks, and btw, what is this "toonses"?

26.01.2003, 05:46
>Yes... I have used EasyCD

Then why do you come to this forum? We don't give support to 'Easy CD' people.