View Full Version : I just d/l the tool , :? .help

23.02.2005, 20:47
I just d/l the tool .I haven't even installed it.Some one pls help. :? Pls guide me through the installation upto making the copy of a game.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

24.02.2005, 14:15
Install it first. :) Now you can load the online manual at the link below. The help files for you have already been written.


24.02.2005, 18:11
Hi pal ,
Thanks for your quick rsponse. I'll try it out and get back if there are problems.I was reluctant to install it because I saw some posts saying the monitor screen turning and such problems when installing the tool.Hope there would be any problem with me.Once again thanks for the help. :D